Who we are

We are a Guatemalan family run business that supply resellers exclusive wood products (slabs & lumber), with striking and aesthetic natural textures.

We are duly authorized by the country's forestry authority. We believe in the sustainable management of the forest which must be used for generating permanent incomes for the parties involved in the supply chain thus create the interest in reforest.

For this reason and because we love working with wood, you will see in this web page the things that we do.


Serve by supplying wooden articles worked according to quality required by the liking of national and international companies. We look for products with natural grain and texture of singularity or beauty, from sustainable forest use, using total quality as the fundamental principle in all our processes.


Our Work Team

Multi Inversiones Forestales, is made up of skilled people in specialties of the forest industry.  We are lovers of the wood, have established some forest industries in Guatemala during the last 20 years. Our collaborators have been included in the company for being equally passionate about their work, each one brings their special ability in the development of each project and inject their positivism to them.

Our Values

The values we promote in our organization are the following:

  • The Golden Rule:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
  • Quality: Quality is our job and our boss is the customer. Our goal is to exceed their expectations.
  • Tradition: traditions are knowledge transmitted by generations that we wish to share.
  • Responsibility: as individuals, we demand total responsibility for ourselves; as a group we support the responsibility of others.
  • Reciprocity: a mutual benefit is a shared benefit, a shared benefit will endure.
  • Thechnology: we use the technology that help us the best, instead of use technology only cos it is new   
  • Efficiency: we use the resources to the maximum, we do not waste anything, and we only do what we know best.
  • Freedom: we need freedom to shape our future, we need utilities to remain free.
  • Knowledge: everything is done through knowledge so we promote its generation, documentation and transfer between our interest groups.
  • Adaptation: we have the ability to adapt and redefine tasks to adapt to changes.